Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #11 Review

Will King John’s evil scheme prevail? Or will Turok find a way of stopping this sinister king? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Turok tames the pterodactyls! He and his allies have taken to Sherwood Forest after Turok discovers the nefarious scheming of the British upper crust. Will Turok find friends in the forest…or foes? It’s high-flying archery and action from Greg Pak (Batman/Superman) and Paul Tobin (Bandette)!

Turok11CovBSubLeeTurok: Dinosaur Hunter enters it’s penultimate issue, and though the cancellation of yet another series from the Golden Key Universe saddens me, the last couple of issues hasn’t instilled confidence in a possible future. Now, that’s not to say that this latest arc has been terrible, it’s just that it’s felt pretty mundane compared to the first two, having no real depth to it’s plot.

Despite this, writers Greg Pak and Paul Tobin manage to create yet another intriguing issue, with the incorporation of the Robin Hood mythos, along with the unique twists certainly appealing. The way that the duo build upon King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham’s scheme to rid themselves of Maid Marion and Turok also captivates, with the means they use to achieve this being even more alluring. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make up for the lack of depth, with the arc at times feeling throwaway.

Felipe Cunha and Ruairi Coleman handle the artwork on this issue, and though it’s not quite as good as the work Mirko Colak and Takeshi Miyazawa produced respectively on the first two arcs, it still manages to capture the essence of Turok brilliantly. Creating a dramatic vibe throughout, the duo manage to give wonderful atmosphere to this entry, with the facial expressions also adding great depth. Additionally, the colours of Luigi Anderson also continue to pop, being extremely vibrant throughout.

The latest (and final) arc of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter may feel a little throwaway at times, but it still manages to produce enough intriguing moments to keep us occupied. Recommended.

  • + King John's dastardly scheme gets even more intriguing.
  • + Fun art throughout.
  • - Lacks the depth that the first two arcs had.
  • - A little throwaway at times.

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