New Show URBANCE. Imagine ‘Tron’ Made a Crazy Love Child With ‘West Side Story’

Besides cute tales of worry sick clown fish and conveniently misplaced African safari wildlife, American Western style animation hasn’t captivated the world with anything truly unique in quite a long time. It’s sad fact, considering the league of immensely talented artists who populate sites like Kickstarter in hopes that their personal dream projects will one day be realized.

Fan Art

They’re the kind who sacrifice proper meals for ramen, nights out for somber evenings of Netflix and Cherry Garcia.

Well, Director Joel Dos Reis Viegas, in league with the imaginative staff of Steambot Studios (of Canadian origin), have recognized the vacuum of culture and would like to offer their own piece for your consideration. A unique mixture of funky, Tron – like aesthetics and classic West Side Story urban strife, this new series URBANCE will undoubtedly hit a chord with modern geeks.

Or, at least I think it will. As much as I pride myself on predicting new, awesome goodies, I have been wrong before (Lord of the Rings Conquest, I’m looking at you!)

Anyway, check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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“In the big city, gender war rises. Sex is prohibited because of a genetic deadly virus. Ruled by hate and anger, boys and girls grow up apart from each other, forming rivals gangs.
Among these lost teenagers, Kenzell and lesya will fight adversity and defy all the rules in order to live their love and restore peace.”

SOURCE: Joel De Reis Viegas