Tomb Raider #13 Review

Is this really a good series to follow? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

New Arc!

Rhianna Pratchett, writer of the 2013 Tomb Raider video game, begins a new arc!

Lara’s quiet life working at the British Museum is shattered as she finds herself drawn into a dangerous game with her friend’s life at stake—a friend who was thought to be already dead!

* The official continuation of Lara Croft’s story!

* The Tomb Raider video game has sold over 6 million copies!

* A great starting point for new readers!

Tomb Raider 13_Preview PageFanboys and fangirls that left off with that oh so dynamic video game reboot are in for a treat, as this comic book continues to pave the way toward a sequel. More so then the previous twelve issues, we see a protagonist that continues to be on the verge of her own icon status. Because of that there’s a clear effort behind the scenes that just makes the material worthwhile in its own right.

Rhianna Pratchett pens the script and the author does a fine job offering up a body of text that knows the boundaries of the medium but plays with the established tropes of the genre. Lara Croft, and her remaining allies, are faced with a difficult situation with, perhaps, one of their lives in the balance. The words flow as the arc finds its footing under a predictable set of circumstances, carrying sequences that felt overdeveloped.

On the visual side of this endeavor, Derlis Santacruz soundly renders faces that have no doubt become familiar to gamers around the world. I did find that some of the line work offered up inconsistencies here and there, but these minor hiccups did little to sully the whole of the work. And when the piece really got going, the colors by Michael Atiyeh were there to back it up in all the right places.

Tomb Raider #13 is an engaging read that knows its audience well enough to make it’s in-between narrative status function. And that right there deserves some recognition and even praise as this comes recommended.

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