The TARLY Family Cast for GAME OF THRONES!

Meet the Tarly’s!

A few weeks back news broke that Freddie Stroma had been cast as Dickon Tarly in Game of Thrones Season 6, the younger brother of Samwell. Ever since he decided to head to Oldtown with Gilly at the end of the fifth season, fans knew that we would be meeting the rest of the Tarly family and it was confirmed a couple of months ago. There has been rampant speculation about just who would be playing them; Ian McShane was touted as a possible Randyll Tarly, but that has been shot down by Watchers on the Wall, who have revealed the actors behind the rest of the family! Let’s run ’em down, shall we?


First off, meet Randyll Tarly!

This is actor James Faulkner, pictured here as Lord Sinderby on Downton Abbey. I don’t watch the show so I can’t comment on his acting but he certainly looks like a massive dick (sorry James), which is exactly who Randyll is. It’s not even that far off his book description…


Just his expression there has got the exact amount of menace, coldness and pragmatism that screams of Randyll, and will certainly intimidate poor Sam. Hopefully his acting measures up to his scary face.

That’s actress Samantha Spiro, who will be playing Sam’s mother. She is a much more kind-hearted person than Randyll and that certainly shows in their choice of actress. While I haven’t seen any of Spiro’s work either, the picture alone gives off a very enthusiastic and motherly vibe, so it should be awesome to see her heading to Westeros. Plus, she’s won Olivier Awards!

rebecca benson game of thrones

Finally, we have actress Rebecca Benson; she’s much more of an unknown than the previous two thespians, making her name in guest roles on British TV shows and the National Theatre of Scotland’s adaptation of Let the Right One In. However, Game of Thrones has a habit of turning unknowns into stars. She looks very innocent and sweet, and I suspect that she’ll be Sam’s closest ally in the Tarly household – well, she better be, because that’s how it’s suggested in the books.

Because this news comes from a fansite the casting hasn’t been officially confirmed by HBO, however WotW are the most reputable GoT fansite out there, constantly getting it right with spoilers and other pieces of casting – most recently Euron Greyjoy’s. So it shouldn’t be too long until we get some kind of official confirmation.

But for now, what do you guys think? Do they look up to scratch? Will they fit into the world of Game of Thrones? Sound off!