The Riverlands Will be Packed in GAME OF THRONES Season 6

Earlier this week we brought you some awesome and major casting for Season 6 of Game of Thrones – that of Euron Greyjoy. He’ll be played by Danish actor Pilou Asbæk, confirming that Theon’s uncle will actually be appearing as well as a major Iron Islands presence. That continued today with even more filming and some intriguing casting news from Watchers on the Wall which should keep other book readers happy, but I’m confused as to why that particular character has indeed been included, since he seemed like he could easily be up for the chopping block. But that’s not what we’re focusing on here.



As well as said casting news, we also covered a rumour/heavy speculation that Jaime Lannister would be heading back to the Riverlands. This was pretty huge as it means that Game of Thrones will actually be adapting Jaime’s book storyline rather than swapping it out for Dorne as we all had come to believe. WotW have now managed to confirm that the speculation was true, and Bronn will also be tagging along (of course). Due to differences between the show and the book’s handling of the Red Wedding and its fallout, the reasons for him going there will have to change, but so long as they actually make sense it makes no matter: Jaime will be in the countryside once again. But that’s not all.

So here is where we get into super-duper spoiler territory. Like, major book spoilers. This is a spoiler for everyone, and I think it may actually be the biggest one we’ve seen (well, not yet) so far. If you don’t want to know then head back now – oh, you do? Let’s get on with it then.


Arya Stark is coming back to Westeros.

More specifically, the Riverlands.

So, this is a big’un. The last we saw of Arya she lost her sight in Braavos, either as a punishment or as part of her Faceless Woman training, and the Riverlands is obviously nowhere near that. She also hasn’t left the Free Cities in A Song of Ice and Fire, either. What could she be doing there? Really, I don’t know. I write a lot about this show here and I read a lot of spoilers and rumours for it; coupled with my book knowledge and constant speculation I’m usually not too bad at guessing certain plot points. With this, I’m completely stumped.

At present there is no reason for Arya to be there. As shown on the map, the Riverlands isn’t a coastal town or anything; it’s in the middle of Westeros and the majority of it is, well, rivers and countryside. I don’t think any fan expected her to stay in Braavos forever – the question was just the ‘why’ of her inevitable return to Westeros. A current popular theory is that this will be a flashback – either through a dream or some kind of Faceless Men-induced one – but if she’s there for realsies then she will most likely run into Jaime and Bronn. Plus, it’s the golden opportunity for her to exact some sweet Frey justice.

For some big Iron Islands spoilers, make sure to head back over to Watchers on the Wall!


What will Jaime Lannister and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater be up to in the Riverlands on Game of Thrones? And how in seven hells will Arya Stark make her way from Braavos back to Westeros? More importantly – why? Chime in with your theories below!