THE MUPPETS Head Down FURY ROAD in Awesome Artwork

The release of Mad Max: Fury Road has spawned dozens upon dozens of examples of fan creativity inspired by the epic movie. Art, costumes, trailers, the lot. With a movie like this there really isn’t any limit to what you can produce, which is emphasised in this latest piece of art from Marvel artist Justin Ponsor. Rather than going traditional, he’s decided to merge the world of Mad Max and The Muppets. Check it out!

the muppets mad max fury road art

As you can see, in this version drummer Animal stars as Max Rockatansky (one of my favourite Muppets – he’s on my wallet!), lead guitarist Janice is Furiosa and in the background is Zoot on the sax. I also quite like Dr. Teeth as Immortan Joe. Throwing Electric Mayhem into this world actually makes a lot of sense due to their crazy nature – especially Animal as Max. A huge part of The Muppets is parodying and satirising pop culture, so it’s not too far-fetched that we could end up seeing something like this one day.

Y’know, I would totally watch this movie. Who wouldn’t want to see Electric Mayhem cruising through the desert, partaking in elaborately-staged road wars? Throw in Miss Piggy as one of Joe’s wives and you’ve got yourself a hit!

What’s most important, however, is this art is fucking awesome, and we love art like that here at UTF. Props to Justin Ponsor for creating it. And hey, Disney are still looking for ideas for The Muppets 3