The FLASH Speeding towards TV again? And whatever happened to the new Wonder Woman TV show?


That’s right! The CW is apparently mulling over introducing The Flash in the upcoming season of their hit television series based on the emerald archer, Arrow. And that’s not all! Flash’s appearance may lead to him getting his own spinoff aptly titled “Flash”.

“Flash” will feature “Dr.Barry Allen” and be developed by Greg Berlanti and Andrew Keisberg, the duo behind the sleeper hit “Arrow”. The pilot will be directed by David Nutter, with DC’s own Geoff Johns as a creative consultant.  This will be the second tv adventure of the fastest man alive after the 1990’s series titled “The Flash”

Is The CW trying to make their own television version of the justice league? It would appear so, since they were previously working on “Amazon” an arrow-esque take on our favourite amazon, Wonder Woman. While the pilot didn’t make the cut, the network said in a statement in may, that they were still working on it.  However new reports suggest that the creative team has “Hit the pause button” on Amazon  and may be concentrating their efforts on the Flash pilot and series instead.

“Arrow” debuted last fall and has been a huge sleeper hit for the network. The show takes a lot of cues thematically from the Nolan-verse Bat films, and it’ll be interesting to see how the Flash is incorporated in such an environment. Season 2 of Arrow premieres this October, and the sizzle reel from SDCC has the sub-title “CITY OF HEROES”. With Black Canary confirmed to appear this season, and with the Flash a possibility, it makes things very interesting, don’t you think? And will these shows have any connection to the New DC universe of Man Of steel and it’s Bat-tastic sequel? Leave a comment below!

SOURCE: Deadline