Thanos vs. Hulk #2 Review

Starlin is taking SMASH to new heights! Thanos vs. Hulk continues to punch all the right buttons on the cosmic mainframe!

The official description from Marvel:

• Jim Starlin continues his epic tale of Smash versus Space!

• Can the Hulk withstand the devious machinations of Thanos?!

• Meanwhile, Annihilus plots to exploit Big, Green and Mean in a most unexpected fashion.

Thanos vs Hulk 2 Starlin CoverHulk and Banner remain trapped, deep in the cosmic mainframe of Annihilus’ negative zone datacenter. And if that wasn’t enough, they are being manhandled by the Mad Titan, Thanos!

Still sound interesting? Still sound Fun?

I admit, it is pretty weird…But it is 100% Jim Starlin.

And once again, in true Starlin style, we get a lot of floating heads and significantly deep thought bubbles. And I just love it! It provides a much needed feeling of nostalgia in an industry governed by back-to-back epic events and retconned canon.

With this issue, we are halfway through the four issue cosmic mini-series romp. It looks like it is well paced and on track to delight and amuse. And while after the mini-series no one will be that much worse off, I have a feeling Annihilus will be back to his former glory – something that was much needed from the events of Annihilation.

Once again, this issue was released with two covers, as it wouldn’t be a Thanos story without a variant from the great Ron Lim!

Thanos vs Hulk 2 Lim Cover

I have to admin, through all the quirky banter, Starlin is developing something pretty interesting and unique here. He has taken canon established in Annihilation, and is actually building upon what is available in the Marvel Universe. He is not trying to change the nature of the universe to fit some strange idea. He is not sacrificing a “Richard Rider” as a means to an end. It appears he is just trying to get Annihilus back in the cosmic game…and from what I can tell, based on perceived time, he is not forcing it. Annihilus is “growing up” again, but wants a means to fast track it…nice.

But enough spoilers (well, these are my theories and observations, so they may be spoilers if I am correct)… let’s get back to a few more preview pages:

Thanos vs Hulk 2 Preview 1


Thanos vs Hulk 2 Preview 2

…and one more:

Thanos vs Hulk 2 Preview 3

Isn’t it fun?


If he keeps doling out great quotes, I will keep quoting… This time, in his weekly new comics read and tweet rundown, Aaron Meyers, stated“Still enjoying Thanos vs Hulk. Its pure Starlin.”

Again, my sentiments exactly!

  • + Starlin Writing! Starlin Art! Starlin Fun!
  • + Quirky storytelling, with cosmic consequences!
  • + Great classic Starlin art and "deep thought" concepts!
  • + Pacing seems on-target for a four-issue mini-series.

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