TEEN TITANS GO! “Vegetables” Review

Vegetables are healthy, but not very fun to eat. Is this episode like that? Lets see!

Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) is a vegetarian, and he’s fine with that. His teammates are decidedly meat-lovers; they refuse to even eat the tiniest bit of green! But after a particularly disastrous encounter with Cinderblock, Beast Boy manages to get the team to try their veggies.

It’s a success – the Titans now love vegetables. Unfortunately, they’ve become too enamored with them to the point where their skin also turns green, and they begin to worship a vegetable deity! Can Beast Boy end the madness?

This was definitely not my favorite episode, and not because I’m not a fan of spinach; this was just one of the more gross episode. Take, for instance, a scene where all the Titans are incapacitated after eating too much meat: they all become comically fat, with drool and meat sauce on their mouths, and Raven (Tara Strong) even seems to grow a face on her stomach!

Teen Titans Go Meat Vegetables

Almost every time the characters are shown eating, they make sure to do it in the most grotesque way possible! Ignoring that, though, the second half just gets bizarre, with some weird vegetable-cult thing going on. Frankly, the show lost me.

I do give some props, though, for not doing the generic, “vegetables good, steak bad” message, instead going for a, “you should have a good balance” moral. And there is one funny scene where the Titans all get photo-realistic abs after eating a few vegetables.

Mostly, though, this is a dull episode made to give the smallest kids (and immature teens) the giggles. Avoid, and go watch a more intelligently written episode.

Teen Titans Go Happy Vegetables

  • Ab-scene is funny
  • Moral isn't biased
  • Gross humor
  • Unappealing animation at times
  • Second half is weird in a bad way