TEEN TITANS GO! “Slumber Party” Review

Cyborg gets the latest Teen Titans Go! episode, as he faces his inner fears, as all heroes must! Spoilers!

It turns out that Cyborg (Khary Payton) is scared of the dark, and after the power runs out at the Titan’s Tower, his teammates find out about it. After some (not so nice) teasing, they agree to help him overcome his fear – with a slumber party!

However, Cyborg’s fears run deep: as a child, he saw something….a horrible spirit entity called Scary Terry! And he fears she will come for his soul! Can the Titans help Cyborg? And is Scary Terry real?

This episode was middle-of-the-road for me. Beast Boy and Cyborg are my least favorite members, so whenever one of them gets an episode, it can damper my enthusiasm. Granted, Cyborg wasn’t too annoying here, my biggest problem does lie with him.

Slumper Party

I don’t buy that he is scared of the dark. Yeah. I know, I know, since this show is a comedy, it takes liberties, and there has been MUCH weirder stuff on Go!, and yet this is what breaks my suspension of disbelief? But it bugged me the whole episode.

And, yes, it turns out that Scary Terry is real. Sadly, she is a pretty boring character, and I also didn’t buy that the Titans couldn’t defeat her. Didn’t Raven face down Death himself a few episodes ago? Surely some ghost is child’s play!

Still, there were also very many humorous moments, mostly coming from Robin (Scott Menville) as he takes the slumber party to extremes, builds a fort as big as a mansion, and creepily confesses his love to Starfire (Hynden Walch).

I do think that Cyborg fans will enjoy this more than I did. So if you’re a fan, go ahead.

Slumber Party

  • Robin has all the best scenes, and is very funny
  • The Fort chase scene is interesting
  • Too much happened that I didn't buy, why is a hero scared of the dark?
  • The Titans can't defeat one ghost?
  • Robin's confession to Starfire might be too much for some