TEEN TITANS GO! “Sandwich Thief” Review

Robin can take things a bit too seriously sometimes. But when he gets robbed, watch out! SPOILERS. Yes, I still give the occasional spoiler warning for Teen Titans Go!

Robin (Scott Menville) has finally made the “Perfect Sandwich” after many painstaking years of training under the best sandwich makers! But the day Robin is to eat the sandwich, it disappears! Robin won’t take this lying down!

His quest to locate his AWOL sandwich leads him to grill and torture his own teammates, build a time machine, and even travel to distant planets! Will he ever find his sandwich? And when if he does, will he want to know it’s fate?

Teen Titans Go Sandwich Thief Robin

Is it redundant to call Robin the funniest character in this episode? Because he really it. He makes this episode work, even if I feel that Titans Go has already had a sandwich episode. There is just something about the dogged way Robin searches for his culinary masterpiece that just makes you want to root for the guy. Also, the training montage flashback he gets is priceless!

The time travel scene is also very funny (the Beast Boy scene is very dark, though) and gives us a cool Nightwing cameo (and a Batman Beyond cameo, look for it). The final part of the episode, which is where all the action is, makes for a cool climax.

How do you fight an evil, cosmic sandwich. The answer may be more obvious than one thinks! Very funny episode, especially for Robin fans. Go watch! Robin even outsmarts the episode’s lesson of the week!

Teen Titans Go Robin and Nightwing

  • Robin is a very likable lead
  • Overall fun adventure episode
  • Cool cameos
  • Some dark humor for good measure
  • Climax is maybe a bit too easy?