TEEN TITANS GO! “Salty Codgers” Review

Raven (Tara Strong) is one of the best characters in Go!, so wen she gets an episode, that’s usually a good thing! Was this one good? SPOILERS.

The annoying Mad Mod turns everyone he comes into contact with into elderly people. The Titans try to stop him, but after some meddling from Raven, the team become white-haired and old. Raven could not be happier; she LOVES old people, the older and more senile, the better! But she soon learns the hard way that life is fleeting.

So….this may be the weirdest episode of Titans Go! yet, and that is saying something! That’s a good and bad thing. I’ll start with the goods. Raven is fun to watch here, she is much more bubbly than usual. Of course, she likes old people seemingly because they’re close to death. But when her friends actually die, this sends her on a mission to save them, and confront death himself! The whole, occult zaniness here is pretty cool.

Titans Go Salty Codgers

Raven’s meeting with Death is humorous, but also has a tinge of coolness, and Raven shows why she is hardcore and to be taken seriously. Speaking of, this episode, dare I say…..actually had some tender emotional moments after the other Titans all “pass”, when we see Raven alone, the full meaning of death hitting her. Its actually good stuff! Tara Strong does a good job, as usual!

On the negative side….some of the old stuff can just get gross, with the zoom ins on wrinkly skin, and drool, and other bodily fluid. And we get a sub-plot with Cyborg’s grand-kids (?) that is pretty pointless and doesn’t go anywhere. The actual ending of the episode is also ore towards the gross side, but you can’t say the show doesn’t give us some brutal endings.

I think Raven fans will especially like this episode. Or maybe if you like morbid stuff.

Titans Go Death

  • Raven is a great character, good voice acting
  • Some creepy stuff works, and some emotional moments
  • Raven and Death's confrontation is very cool
  • Some elderly humor is gross
  • The ending isn't for everyone
  • Grand-kids sub-plot is useless