TEEN TITANS GO! “Puppets, Whaaaaat?” SEASON FINALE Review

The season finale of Teen Titans Go! is here. Is the segment worthy of that honor?

Robin (Scott Menville), sick of the other Titans never obeying his ridiculous orders, copes by playing with puppet versions of the Titans, forcing them to kiss up to him and act like he’s some kind of royalty.

Understandably, Robin’s teammates find this weird and disturbing. In anger, Robin sells his soul to the Puppet Wizard (Greg Cipes), so that it can make the rest of the Titans puppets. When this backfires, can Robin and the others defeat the Puppet Wizard?


This was a perfectly fine episode. But for a season finale, I’m not sure that’s good enough. The episode didn’t do anything wrong, really. Most of the jokes were pleasantly funny, the voice acting is solid, and Robin having to use the puppets as some form of therapy is an interesting idea.

I also liked how, in the final scenes, as the Titans are puppets, the crew actually uses live action to portray it, which was unique, and it felt special. Sadly, it was the only “special” moment of the episode.

This segment just didn’t feel like a season finale. Not a bad episode at all, but it should have been better.


  • Overall funny
  • The live-action puppet sequences were well done
  • Robin using puppets for healing was interesting
  • Felt like an ordinary episode, not season finale material
  • The Puppet Master was average as a villain