TEEN TITANS GO! “Love Monsters” Review

Starfire is obviously a very kind person. But in the latest Teen Titans Go! episode, that kindness may lead to everyone’s doom!

Starfire (Hynden Walch) is the kind of person who thinks everyone deserves a hug. And it usually works, so when Raven (Tara Strong) brings in two very dangerous, evil creatures, Starfire can’t help but feel that a hug would cause these despicable things to become nicer. It helps that they’re adorable.

However, these creatures feed off positive emotions, such as love. So the more love Starfire gives them, the larger and stronger they get. Now, the only way to defeat them….may be to use harsh words!

This is a fun episode. Starfire fans will be happy, as she stays in character throughout the episode. It can actually be warming just to watch her go around being so nice to everyone (even Raven), so you almost want her to win over those little devils.

Teen Titans Go Love Monsters

But the best parts of the episode are actually when she fails, and the Titans bring back their Voltron-parody robot (I love it!) to battle with the giant creature. The fight is entertaining and action-packed. And when Starfire has to force herself to be mean, even briefly, that’s fun to watch too.

Granted, some of the insults start to become a tad silly, and the other Titan’s reactions can border on annoying. And the ending gives a bad “here we go again” vibe. But this episode gave me a pleasant feeling, so I wouldn’t hold any of that against this one!

The climax made me think of the “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me” saying. That certainly didn’t apply here!

Teen Titans Go Starfire

  • Pleasant episode
  • Starfire is very likable
  • The robot action is great stuff
  • Some of the insults at the end get kind of eye-rollingly bad
  • Other Titans are mostly useless