TEEN TITANS GO! “Friendship” Review

It’s time for Titans Go!’s biggest My Little Pony homage/parody yet! How does it fare?

Raven (Tara Strong) is the biggest fan of Pretty Pretty Pegasus, so when Control Freak (Alexander Polinsky) traps her and the other Titans inside the whimsical show, it’s a dream come true for her. The only way to get out is if the Titans all learn the valuable lesson of friendship, and the evils of violence.

This episode is mostly one big joke (poking fun at MLP), so your liking of this episode all hinges on if you like the joke, I guess. Personally, I began to get tired of it mid-way. I don’t usually like shows that are whimsical, and fluffy, and light, that teach you about the magic of friendship, so parts of the episode almost made me gag.

Teen Titans Go Friendship Control Freak

Sure, it can be funny when the cute Pegasus creatures almost decide to get violent, or when the other Titans beat up some poor unicorns to force them to stop playing loud music. But mostly, it almost plays it straight, which is no fun. Also, Raven is annoying out-of-character, and keeps making weird faces.

There is one very unintentionally funny scene, where the Titans (minus Raven) are mercilessly pounding on Control Freak. On the bottom of the screen, Cartoon Network was promoting their No Bullying campaign. Noble, but weird when the Titans are bullying Control Freak on screen. Whoops!

Anyway, when the funniest part of the episode is a mistake, that isn’t good. For huge fans of My Little Pony, you might enjoy. For non-fans, it’ll do nothing.

Teen Titans Go Friendship Pegasus

  • Some funny scenes where they subvert the kid show clichés
  • Unintentional funny bullying scene contrasts CN message
  • One big joke that overstays welcome
  • Unicorns and Pegasus grate on nerves
  • Control Freak is one of my  least favorite Titan villains, so lame!
  • Raven is very OOC, in a bad way. The faces she makes gives me chills!