TEEN TITANS GO! “Caramel Apples” Review

A Teen Titans Go! Father’s Day episode. How does this one stack up? Are there feels?

Raven (Tara Strong) is understandably upset when her father, Trigon (Kevin Michael Richardson) visits for Father’s Day. Upset that his daughter didn’t get him anything, he proceeds to easily crush the Titans, trap the male members underground, and destroy Jump City.

Starfire (Hynden Walch) decides that being nice to Trigon might make him feel better, causing Raven to feel….jealousy? Meanwhile, the male members must find a way to escape the underground caverns, but even Robin’s (Scott Menville) optimism might not be enough this time!

It’s always nice when we get a cool guest star in any superhero show, and Trigon is no exception, even if I wasn’t a fan of the previous Go! episode that featured him (way, way back in early season 1). His relationship with Raven is always interesting, even in a comedy series. I laughed at how easily he defeated the Titans; it was comedic, but also pretty realistic, since most of the Titans are humans.

Teen Titans Go Caramel Apples

Starfire, as usual, is a mix of likable kindness, and naiveté. Wanting to make Trigon happy is a nice goal, but even after being told that this is probably a trick, Starfire doesn’t listen. She and Trigon get into some cute little adventures, though, and she and Raven get some very chuckle-worthy moments near the end.

The best part was the B plot, however, with the guys trying to get back aboveground. Robin, once again, is the funniest character, coming up with the cheesiest heroic speeches he can, with Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) and Cyborg (Khary Payton) giving some good reactions as they admire Robin, but hate some of the situations he puts them through. The final scene perfectly sums it up.

I’ll go ahead and recommend this episode, especially for the B plot, with a very funny Robin, and a not-annoying Beast Boy and Cyborg. I hope the show can keep the quality of this and recent episodes.

Teen Titans Go Robin Beast Boy Cyborg

  • Interaction between Raven, Trigon, and Starfire
  • B plot is consistently funny
  • All around great voice acting
  • Starfire can be a bit too gullible at times
  • The episode title....has nothing to do with anything...