Superman Ain’t Showing Up on SUPERGIRL

DC is set to continue its television domination this year with Supergirl airing on CBS; a fairly average trailer debuted a couple of months ago which didn’t do a lot to instill confidence. Then the pilot leaked online, which didn’t do make things any better.

However, exec producers Greg Berlanti (who’s sorta like the grand Kevin Feige of the TV shows) and Ali Adler have been chatting about the show at the Television Critics Association, revealing some extra characters who will be joining Kara Zor-El as well as lots of details on the name. Yay…?!

“We knew going in that Supergirl might imply a younger audience (regarding Supergirl or Superwoman), but we felt we could take a powerful word back and participate in introducing that to a new generation and say that doesn’t just mean young or inconsequential. It should be strong and bold. That was our goal. One of the blessings of what we get to do is to introduce it to a new generation and that means changing key elements of the character and still keeping true to the core DNA of the character.”

I didn’t think Superwoman was ever a thing.

They also addressed the issue of Superman in the show, who we did see in the trailer – sorta – but apparently he won’t be in it. Bummer.

“He will be a factor in her life, but you won’t see him exactly on screen. He’s going to be more in the background. But he does play a part in her evolution into a superhero.”

This is probably a good decision. Superman would overshadow Kara’s own show if he played too much of a major role. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does cameo at some point (although it’s 99% likely it wouldn’t be Henry Cavill), perhaps towards the end of the season, because a cameo can’t hurt and it’s friggin’ Superman!

If that’s left you disappointed, then there is still some good news about appearing characters. Berlanti revealed that while Supes himself won’t be popping up, some of the supporting characters will: General Sam Lane (father of Lois and Lucy Lane) will be making an appearance, as will Red Tornado and Non!!

Okay, you might not have heard of those last two. Red Tornado is an android superhero created by a supervillain, who you can check out below…


…aaandd Non is a Kryptonian who has actually appeared on-screen before – he was in the first two Superman movies!

non superman 2


Click back to Entertainment Weekly to read more from Berlanti and Adler on the show, including the character’s weaknesses compared to Superman’s.

Supergirl hits October 26th on CBS. It might be good, I guess.