SUPERHEROES Suck at Speed Dating

Ever imagine how terrible Spider-Man would be as a dinner date? How about Wolverine, with all of his PTSD induced claw popping and stinky Canadian hygiene (just playing Canucks!)? Well, an unfortunate damsel was thrust into the high stakes world of Superhero Speed Dating, and the results are nothing short of amusing.

If I were forced to choose one of these dapper dudes, I think I’d settle with Thor. He’s got drinking skills that would put even my bourbon guzzling gullet to shame, a pretty sweet face-smashing hammer, and a head of golden blond hair (which should make the transition from hetero to ‘dude loving’ that much easier).

Sorry Wonder Woman. I’m just not into the whole bondage thing, not since the incident at SDCC 2011.

So. Much. Pain.


Either way this goes, someone’s getting lightning on their balls