The Strain: Night Eternal #8 Review

The world is being taken over by the vampire regime and there seems to be nothing but people backstabbing each other can cause a problem when tensions are high but the true culprit will be revealed. Also, the Master is not one that should be really taken for granted because he is a terrible person. It is fantastic.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Eph and the other rebels make a plan to destroy the Master. But the Master has plans of his own, and a traitor in the rebels’ midst is revealed!


Eph and the rebels have been broken apart, betrayed, and pretty much lost the war but they still have the heart and the abilities to try and that is what separates them from the vampires. This issue is really all about the fact that they have the heart to fight till the end. It seems that they may have the chance to win but The Master isn’t going down without a fight. This issue does a fantastic job of raising the stakes and answer the questions that we have been wanting with who the betrayal is. It is really fun and exciting.  It does bring to question who will win the war. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

David Lapham does a fantastic job of bringing the story to the comic book world. It is very exciting and it does a neat job of being very emotional. This series is not just horror but very sensitive with real characters and situations that matter.

Mike Huddleston really does a great job of bringing the horror and gore to the page. Each panel is exciting and terrifying at the same time. The vampires look crazy and very gross. I love it.

The Strain: Eternal Night is a fantastic and interesting story addition that brings forth some interesting questions.

  • + Plenty of gore
  • + New revelations brought to life
  • + Horror, Horror, Horror,
  • + Eph is a bad ass.

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