The Stormtroopers Are Rocking A New Look For STAR WARS EPISODE VII

The Empire may have been defeated three decades ago, but their white-armored minions won’t go away as easily. Although no official plot details have been released about Star Wars Episode VII, one of the rumors that consistently keeps popping up is that stormtroopers are still around years after Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion blew up the second Death Star. As for who they are serving, we have no idea, but let’s hope that their marksmanship has improved during this time.

However, just because they’re still hanging around doesn’t mean they’re wearing the same old duds. Some pictures have been posted on Indie Revolver that show what some of the new stormtrooper helmets in Episode VII will look like. Keep in mind that these have not been labeled official.


This is an updated look of the standard stormtrooper helmet. While slightly similar to the Original Trilogy look, Indie Revolver pointed out some differences, including its asymmetrically (there’s only one breather/vent on the left side), the mouth piece apparently being made of “cloth/mesh” and the eye lenses set to a black frame that gives the illusion that they’re connected to each other.


Then there’s this beauty. As fans of Star Wars will know, whether it’s clone troopers or stormtroopers, different helmet designs means that the troopers specialized for different tasks. While the website points out that a few people have called this guy a “Jungle Trooper,” Indie Revolver believes that this the updated snowtrooper look, with the main differences being the “flared dome,” straight horizontal eyepiece and what appears to be a removable section of the mask.

Finally, as a bonus, the site found an image from TheRFP that showed an actual prop of the first helmet. Aside from the breathing vent being located on the opposite side, this helmet looks exactly like the concept art above.


Again, there’s no official confirmation that these helmets are the real deal, but even if these are simply fan creations, they are quite impressive. The helmets combine the classicism of the Original Trilogy looks with the stylization of the clone troopers in the Prequel Trilogy. Better yet, they’re a lot more intimidating than what their predecessors wore. If they’re training has improved just as much as their looks, our Episode VII protagonists might want to think twice about getting into a firefight with these guys.

SOURCE: Indie Revolver