No More Storm. Halle Berry Cut From Almost All DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Well, shoot… that sucks.

Halle Berry isn’t a make or break actress from the original X-Men trilogy, but it would’ve been nice to see her return to a prominent role in Bryan Singer’s time travelling epic DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

According to the latest reports, Berry’s performance as Storm has been all but deleted in the post-production process. She undoubtedly held a small role in the film prior to this recent editing, as the Future Scenes only comprise 30% of the entire film, and even then, Magneto, Professor X, and Wolverine are the lead actors in that time. Still, I wanted to see all of my favorite X-Men in all of their 10-year later glory, and it kinda sucks that Storm won’t be part of it.

In all fairness to director Bryan Singer, though, most of Berry’s role was limited due to her recent pregnancy. She could’t partake in the practical effects side of the fight scenes and besides tossing a few bolts of lightning on the battlefield, an immobile Storm will only look so cool.

Although, if Singer incorporated Berry’s pregnancy into the story, he could’ve created a more poignant dystopian future. In Days of Future Past, the year 2020 is not so great for mutants, in the grand scale, but the personal touch of a mother protecting her unborn child would’ve been a unique addition.

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