When True Detective smashed onto our television screens last year with the faint scent of noir and Rust Cohle’s cigarette smoke, audiences fell in love with it. The dense, intricate plotting, the startling cinematography, the excellent acting – everything was great, basically. Because it’s an anthology show, the recently-concluded second season featured an entirely new plot and cast – I gave up after the first episode because I found it incredibly dull, and judging from the other reviews I’ve read it seems that others shared the opinion. Shame.

However, that doesn’t stop the first season from being fucking awesome, and the smart folks over at Star Wars Minute have made a tribute to both that and, of course, Star Wars – two wildly different properties, but when thrown together it totally works. Check it out!!!

Aaaannddd for reference, here’s the original opening.

God, I miss Season 1.

Fan-made stuff like this is always all over the internet, but it’s a rarity when it’s actually good. Star Wars and True Detective aren’t exactly similar, either, with one being a pulp sci-fi adventure and the other being a sophisticated occult murder mystery. Yet it works. The galaxy far, far away is going to expand even further now that it’s in the safe and money-stuffed mits of Mickey Mouse and I would totally love a Netflix show done in this sort-of style. Hey, maybe it could be about Boba Fett!