Star Trek #40 Review

Will the “Star Trek event of 2014” end on a high? Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

It’s the epic finale of “The Q Gambit”! The fate of the past, present and future are at stake as Kirk, Sisko and Spock face off with the mad Cardassian Dukat… and discover the secret behind Q’s machinations in their timeline! Don’t miss this climactic chapter in the STAR TREK event of 2014, produced in association with TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!

ST-movieII40-coverSUBWe reach the end of what IDW has dubbed the “Star Trek event of 2014,” and I have to say I’m kind of sad it’s over. Not because I want to cling onto this tale forever more, but the worry that the series will return to it’s old ways. As conclusions go however, The Q Gambit proves rather impressive, as though there are some developments that are shockingly predictable, with others feeling a little cheesy, the drama and suspense kept it alive.

Having scripted the adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise since the series launched back in 2011, Mike Johnson has delivered a rather mixed bag of goods, as despite the majority of his run showing promising signs, it has rarely achieved these. This gladly hasn’t been the case with The Q Gambit, as the story has proven each and every issue to be a thoroughly exciting journey. The way that Johnson manages to merge the different crews, building up to the ultimate climax is sensational, as despite some points being predictable, it in no way deflates the wonderful use of characters.

The artwork throughout The Q Gambit has been extraordinary, with Tony Shasteen‘s pencils being fabulous to the very end. The way that he captures the character likeness of the various different actors is simply phenomenal, with the dramatic timing also astounding. His use of soft, and bold inks also manages to give a subtle, yet effective texture to his work, with the layouts excelling at adding a dynamic vibe. The colours from Davide Mastrolonardo also give a vibrant tone, with the mixture of darkness and light allowing this cosmic icon to shine like never before.

The Q Gambit comes to a fabulous end, and though my mind wavers when thinking how the series will follow this great tale, it doesn’t take away from the brilliant finale. Recommended.

  • + Q puts all his cards on the table.
  • + Some explosive acts from Dukat.
  • + Fabulous art to the end!
  • - Ending was a little predictable.

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