Stacks of Comics – Episode 030 – A Great Conversation with DWJ @ Cincy Comicon 2013!

Friday! Friday! Friday! It is time once again to cross-post one of my favorite Podcasts! Sure, it is MY podcast, but I have a lot of fun doing it. So there!

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On to the latest…

Episode THIRTY of Stacks of Comics is here! Recorded live from Cincy Comicon (@CincyComiCon) 2013! I (@thanosrules) am joined once again by Leo “boy wonder” Johnson (@LFLJ) to discuss all things Cincy Comicon as well as an AWESOME interview with the mastermind behind Space-Mullet ( Warren Johnson (@danielwarrenart)!

So, please enJOY this 01:00:21 (1 hours, 00 minutes, 21 seconds) installment of the Stack of Comics podcast as we put the “-” in Space-Mullet!

Episode 30 is dedicated to … duh, SPACE-MULLET (a sci-fi webcomic by Daniel Warren Johnson)

Listen Here!

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