Stacks of Comics – Episode 028 – Infinitely Too Stupid For Comics…

Another month, another random Friday – Sounds like its time for another Stacks of Comics Podcast Episode!

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Either way, feel free to listen to Episodes 1-27 for more comics talk, spanning over a year’s worth of time!

That said, let’s join our podcasters for…

Episode TWENTY-EIGHT of Stacks of Comics is here! I (@thanosrules) am once again joined by Leo Johnson (@LFLJ). This time the vast majority of the discussion is around Marvel’s latest event: Infinity. There is also some talk that I may in fact be, “too stupid to read comics…”

So, please enJOY this infinitely entertaining 01:34:50 (1 hours, 34 minutes, 50 seconds) installment of the Stack of Comics podcast!

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