Stacks of Comics – Episode 026 – Cons, Addictions, Bucky and Hawkguy!

I am proud to announce the first Stacks of Comics episode to land among the fine pages of Unleash the Fanboy!

Don’t worry, we are new listener friendly – no need to go back and listen to Episodes 1-25, well, unless you want to…

That said, let’s join our podcasters in a series, already in progress…

Episode TWENTY-SIX of Stacks of Comics is here! This episode I (@thanosrules) am joined by Andrew Love (@LCAFigures) & Leo Johnson (@LFLJ) as we talk and talk about Comic Conventions, Comic Addictions, the end of the Winter Soldier and the calming colors of that book Clint Barton is in…

So, please enJOY this ground breaking 01:45:30 (1 hours, 45 minutes, 30 seconds) installment of the Stack of Comics podcast!

Listen Here!

Oh, and this episode is dedicated to a couple things…

First, the Unleash The Fanboy article:

Heroes & Fantasies – San Antonio, TX

Second, an upcoming event (June, 29th, 2013) over at Heroes & Fantasies:

Men of Action Day

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