Stacks of Comics – Episode 031 – October 2013 Madness!

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It’s that time again! Here we are – Friday – Stacks of Comics Podcast – let’s go!

As always, BIG and Special Thanks to Unleash The Fanboy for allowing us to post and get the word out about our little comics podcast!

So, whether you are joining us for the first time, or a long time listener – Welcome!

Also, feel free to listen to Episodes 1-30 for more comics talk, spanning over a year’s worth of time!

On to the latest…

What happens when you combine Women of Wonder Day 2013, a nearly 1.5 hour long conversation among comic geeks, and Alamo City Comic Con 2013?


October 2013 Madness!

Episode THIRTY-ONE of Stacks of Comics is FINALLY here! Recorded live from TWO different October 2013 San Antonio Events, and ONE normal Skype conversation with “the boys”! I (@thanosrules) am joined once again by Andrew Love AND Leo Johnson (@LFLJ) to discuss all things Comics and many, many things not Comics…

In fact, this episode is a three-parter (slightly disjointed, but fun just the same):

  • Part 1 – Recorded Sunday 10/20/2013 – Women of Wonder Day 2013!Timestamps: 00:00:22 – 00:12:12
  • Part 2 – Recorded Tuesday 10/22/2013 – “Hello Boys” with Andrew and Leo!Timestamps: 00:12:12 – 01:33:42
  • Part 3 – Recorded Sunday 10/27/2013 – Alamo City Comic Con 2013 Day 3!Timestamps: 01:33:42 – 01:37:53

So, please enJOY this 01:38:22 (1 hours, 38 minutes, 22 seconds) installment of the Stack of Comics podcast as we ask the burning question – Flight or Invisibility (after @ThisAmerLife)!

Episode 31 is dedicated to … Women of Wonder Day 2013!

Listen Here!

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