So, What Happens if George R. R. Martin Dies Before He Finishes A Song of Fire and Ice?

I know this may seem like a terrible, awful question to ponder, but come on… we’ve all thought about it at least once, some more compulsively than others (I’m looking at you HBO). So let’s put all of our “Holier than thou” judgments aside as we plainly ask: What happens if George R. R. Martin dies before he finishes A Song of Fire and Ice?

After all, at age 63 Martin’s basically a geezer (no offense ol’ chap). He’s spent the better part of 25 years writing the first five books in his septology, and with two more left to go, it’s not too far fetched that he could ‘pass on’. So… what will happen? How will the years of war and treachery be resolved? Well, according to Martin, he actually has a pretty good idea of the series’ end, BUT he’s decided not to document them. No. Instead, he’s locked them safely away in his pretty little head.

Yep… that’s a really great plan.  Can’t imagine how that could go wrong.


It’s not as hopeless as it sounds, though. Georgie shared his secrets with Game of Thrones produces David Benioff and Dan Weiss, so even if Martin isn’t able to close out this epic, we can look forward to HBO filling in the void.

So… does any of this make you feel better? Or are you still worried that he’ll croak without a proper conclusion our beloved characters?