SPACED is an amazing british television show beloved by many, for the introduction of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg working together for the first time. I needed to say that first sentence because after something is ten years old, fans suddenly don’t give a shit about it anymore! Mainly because they are too young to remember something this awesome, if this is the case for you watch those two short but amazing seasons and come back! The show had everything that was great about the later collaborations between the actor and director, including nerd references, surrealist comedy, and a strange british flair. Main character Tim Bisley is a freaking comic book artist, at one point he gets work a from a weird 90’s like publisher. Since the second season was so close to Phantom Menace, there is a lot of hate for that shit movie. Simon Pegg recently took to twitter in order to tease more of this awesome show saying they were going to skip a third season and go straight to a fourth.

“It’s for Spaced, series 4. We decided to skip 3 because we said we wouldn’t do it so many times, we didn’t want to be hypocritical.”

“I’m deadly serious guys, we’re not doing a season 3.”

“I’m sorry to toy with your emotions. If it’s any consolation, Mark Heap, Julia Deakin and Michael Smiley are all in The World’s End. #spaced”

Simon you need to stop this right now, it hurts too damn much!

Source: CBR