Sex Criminals #10 Review

John and Suzie bring reach out to an ally but will this new person end up helping or hurting these “sex criminals”? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Image:

 In which Jon and Suzie learn just how alone together we all are, and the stakes get raised crazy-high in this, the second arc finale. By MATT FRACTION (CASANOVA, ODYC, SATELLITE SAM) and just a great big bunch of C.H.U.D.s with photoshop or something.

SEXCRIMINALS_10Oh buddy! I will start by saying that this issue was very good but it was kind of a bummer. When I say that, I mean that there are just some real moments of feelings in this issue that I wasn’t ready for. This issue starts with John in therapy and a big revelation is revealed about Suzie that is having consequences on his relationship and powers. I did figure this would happen but it is handled much differently than I thought it would be. We then learn of a plan to take down the woman that has hurt our characters for so long, but they are not alone. Receiving help from a new ally, we get to see what it takes for three people to stop time. This is where we get another look at the revelation mentioned that makes me very excited to see where our heroes are going next. Of course, at the end, we get some great sex tips from the writers. Overall, it was a great issue with some real feeling in the story.

Matt Fraction really brought the feels with this issue. The arc has already been an interesting one but the revelation that is brought forth plus the mission they are trying to accomplish makes for great writing. Matt Fraction is just a beast.

Along with the beast of Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky, continues to bring forth the art that is needed for this sexy comic. This issue is particularly good because of the different settings and planes introduced. Plus, Zdarsky has some great tips at the end.

Sex Criminals #10 brings the feels, sex, and more.

  • + All the feels are felt
  • + A new ally adds some fun
  • + A neat revelation
  • + Great tips at the end.

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