Separators #2 Review

Is Separators destined to be a disappointing sequel? Or will it start to show the same level of quality that Xenoglyphs exuded? Read on to find out.

The official description from OSSM Comics:

Twists and turns are ahead as Dom and Jennifer meet with Jen’s family. Steven continues to hunt the Fire Xenoglyph in New York City, putting him face to face with its bearer, Bailey. Will he finally get his hands on it or will Anubis get to Bailey first?

Separators 2 previewThe first issue of Separators was rather disappointing, as despite expanding the universe that was introduced in Xenoglyphs, the sudden developments, and questionable plot twists was seriously off putting. Luckily however the series seems to be finding it’s feet in this issue, as though there’s still some room for improvement, it’s starting to show the same level of quality that flowed throughout Xenoglyphs.

Creating an exciting script, that flows smoothly from start to finish, Omar Spahi certainly takes things up a gear, showing a vast improvement from the first issue. The way that he manages to keep the Xenoglyphs centre stage is truly captivating, as though the characters are still in the forefront of this tale, it’s these mystic artifacts that continues to shape it. Spahi also gives a foreboding sense of dread, with the return of Anubis allowing for a thrilling climax to this issue. Despite all this, there are some developments that feels off, with there still being a lot of work to be done.

The artwork of Separators continues to impress, as though there are still some rough patches to Peejay Catacutan‘s work, with his inks being a little too bold at times, his unique style continues to be a highlight. Giving a smooth, and at times energetic flow to this issue, the layouts prove extremely engaging, with the symbolism being truly outstanding. The texture and vibrancy of Catacutan’s colours also impressed, giving a sleek finish to his work.

Separators may still have some ground to cover if it wants to slingshot OSSM Comics into the big leagues, but the improvements in this issue is certainly a great starting point. The gripping climax also proves enticing, and is bound to leave readers begging for more. Recommended.

  • + Energetic artwork from Peejay Catacutan.
  • + The Xenoglyphs remain centre stage.
  • + Anubis makes a thrilling return.
  • - Some developments felt strange.

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