Red Sonja #14 Review

Can our warrioress survive the revenge she craves? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Red Sonja’s new soul-searing epic, the FORGIVING OF MONSTERS, continues, as a brutal and repulsive parasite has infected the She-devil, right as she is on the trail of the last survivor of the marauders who murdered her village! This is Sonja as you have never seen her before, don’t miss it! Gail Simone’s epic story ends with issue #18, so prepare for the culmination of her epic run!

Red Sonja 14_Variant CoverWhat transpires within these pages is further proof that the longstanding franchise is indeed set in the right hands. At the moment we have a steady creative team that understands their material to the point that the whole of the comic book ebbs and flows with purpose. And through that we see a main character that’s worth rooting for, even in some very dark moments during her continuing journeys.

Gail Simone takes a few very basic plot elements to craft a script where Red Sonja faces yet another test of who she is and what she could one day become. And that’s the fun of the entry, as audience members will no doubt feel glued to the written word as the author slowly but surely pushes our sword fighter toward a personnel confrontation. It’s not easy when you’re a heroine consumed by a potent blood lust, but it’s fun to root for a cursed icon that fights to hold on to her sanity.

If the text is not enough to get fanboys and fangirls to shell out the meager cost of this comic book then the illustrations by Walter Geovani should do the trick. Each page is lavished with detail, as the eyes are treated to a visual barrage that understands its boundaries. I have literally no complaints here, especially when the colors by Adriano Lucas come into play cementing some dynamite pages.

Red Sonja #14 features an arc that cuts right to the core of who our She-Devil is. And the creative team, to their credit, handles that smoothly with a piece that comes recommended.

  • + Smart dialogue.
  • + Absolutely engaging visuals.
  • + The script cuts to the core of the icon.
  • - The cliffhanger  felt more then a bit abrupt...

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