Rat Queens #9 Review

Rat Queens latest installment of “The Far Reaching Tentacles of N’rygoth” hits the stands this month with issue #9. And once again, Rat Queens rocks.

The official description from Image:

Life in Palisade is a goblet of toasty sweet mulled wine. But this issue is the skull-pounding headache the next morning when all you’re left with is the consequences. And they are life-changing, awful ones at that.

RatQueens_09-1At times it’s hard to remember that Rat Queens is still a new series. Writer Kurtis J. Wiebe has done *such* a fabulous job of building this mystical universe and crafting the party loving Rat Queens that the comic feels more developed than it should — meaning, the Queens feel real and long-standing. Part of that has to do with Wiebe’s incredible storytelling instincts and it’s those instincts that are in full effect with issue #9. As steady readers might remember Palisade is under attack, and Sawyer is currently chained up and on the receiving end of some medieval torture techniques. But if you forgot about this — don’t worry — Wiebe intentionally took some detours in the previous issues, offering a series of stories that essentially felt like one-shots where specific Queens had flashbacks to their previous lives. It turns out (spoiler alert) that during those flashbacks the Queens were actually in battle, and simply in a state of suspended animation. To fully understand the how and why of it you’ll have to read issue #9, but any reader with more than two brain cells will marvel at how Wiebe provided both backstory and front-story in such an elegant way.

There’s been much anticipation for new artist Stjepan Sejic to take the reins after the departure of Roc Upchurch (whom I loved and thought could never be replaced). That said, I was wrong. Although my adoration for Upchruch is still strong, Sejic has done an amazing job, capturing the Queens in all their dangerous and beautiful glory. Sejic has a knack for capturing facial expressions and since Wiebe doesn’t overwrite dialogue (Thank. God.), they are truly a magnificent team.

Rat Queens #9 is worth every penny. Go grab this thing today.

  • + Awesome Storytelling
  • + Stellar New Artist
  • + Blood, Guts and Love

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