Quoting 1990’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Shredder stands poised over Leonardo, a spear is pointed at his head.  The remaining turtles have just tossed their weapons aside in an attempt to save Leonardo.  They stand disarmed, and Shredder chuckles and promises death is near for Leonardo.


Suddenly Splinter arrives drawing The Shredder’s attention and allowing Leonardo a chance to escape.  Splinter reveals it was he who scared Oroku Saki’s face.  Enraged the Shredder charges.  Splinter does not move.  As the spear moves toward Splinter he reveals a Michelangelo’s discarded nunchuck.  Splinter and wraps the weapon around Shredder’s weapon, hanging him off the building’s edge.

Shredder Charge


Splinter: “Death comes for us all, Oroku Saki, but something much worse comes for you. For when you die, it will be…”

The Shredder moves his left hand to his belt and draws a knife, as he slashes forward Splinter releases him.

Splinter:  …Without honor.”


The advertising campaign behind the Turtles first big screen outing promised, “ this aint no cartoon,” and it was dead on.  Compare this discussion of death and honor to anything from 2014’s reboot.  This scene always stayed with me, as Splinter was willing to kill to protect his sons.  Yet he was not eager to do as.  He dangles Saki off the side of a building he tries to convey the potential consequences of his vengeful actions.  Mistaking this pause for weakness The Shredder pulls a knife and Splinter releases his grip.  While the need for a sequel brings Shredder back the garbage truck crushing his helmet is a clear sign of death within the flick.


Bonus Quote

Casey Jones: “Whoops.”

That’s right the main character in a film marketed to kids just made a joke about crushing a man alive in a trash compacter.  Stephen Amell you may be more ripped than Elias Koteas but the original screen interpretation of Casey Jones was a serious ass kicker.


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