This Poster of Anthony Mackie as CAPTAIN AMERICA Is The Greatest Thing Ever

Sam Wilson, our favorite winged superhero, has officially been inaugurated as Captain America in Marvel’s comics. Well, how would a cinematic version of this Falcon/Cap mashup look? One Deviant Artist with a bit of free time decided to show us. He’s painted Anthony Mackie’s Falcon in Captain America’s stealth suit and the result is pretty damn badass.

black captain america falcon

I would’ve preferred the classic guise, but this mostly monochromatic getup is more than sufficient. Unfortunately for Mackie, Marvel’s already introduced The Winter Soldier, so he’ll more than likely remain The Falcon well into the future. If Chris Evans, the current Steve Rogers, remains Captain America until the end of his contract in Avengers 3 (2019), after which Sebastian Stan inherits the role as the Bucky Barnes Cap (assuming he signs a similar 6 movie contract), Anthony Mackie’s version of the character won’t hit theatres until 2025 at the latest. An unlikely scenario, if you ask me.

Still, as a Falcon lover through and through, I’ll hold out hope that Mackie dons the Red, White, & Blue pajamas sometime soon.