New GOTHAM Trailer Introduces Victor Zsasz, Arkham City And More!

If last week’s premiere is any indication. Fox’s Gotham is going to be a wild ride. The main character may be a young, morally-centered James Gordon, but the show’s biggest draw is exploring the seedy underworld of Gotham City and meeting the bad guys who will set the stage for Batman’s inception. This becomes even more clear after watching the new Gotham trailer, which gives us a look at what’s planned for the rest of the season…well, the episodes that have been filmed anyway. The biggest draw from this preview is giving us our first look at some new evildoers, including several future Batman villains and one iconic location. Check it out!

James Gordon working in a corrupt police force, Penguin’s slow rise to power, Fish Mooney wanting to seize power from Carmine Falcone, this trailer definitely shows that dark days are ahead. However, let’s focus on the villainous elements that are featured. First up, the notched-up Victor Zsasz. One of the few Batman villains who could actually exist in the real world, Gotham will feature Zsasz getting started on his killing spree quite early. It’s a shame that Bruce Wayne is too young to take him on. These days, he’s only trying to jump off houses and see how long he can keep his hand over an open flame. Regardless, this version of Zsasz has a pair on him. Walking into a crowded police station and declaring who you are? Obviously he’ll have something up his sleeve, but still.




Next up, Scarecrow…or is it? Going just of the brief glimpse of his mask, I thought at first that this was Gotham‘s Jonathan Crane, but then I took a closer look. With the way that woman is dressed, combined with the ritualistic stage that she’s tied to, I’m suspecting this is Barton Mathis, the New 52’s Dollmaker. Mathis appeared in Arrow season 2 as a serial killer who murdered young women and dressed them up, so maybe Gotham is using the same gimmick. Whether it’s Scarecrow or Dollmaker, one thing’s for sure: this dude is creepy as hell!



We briefly got a look at a guy in a pig mask. To the uneducated, he may just look like a random wacko wearing a pig mask, but comic book readers know better. This either is, or a reference to, Professor Pyg, the psychotic surgeon that Grant Morrison created.


Next up is Sal Maroni, who in most stories is responsible for throwing acid into Harvey Dent’s face, turning him into Two-Face. Despite Mooney’s goal of taking over Falcone’s operations, this trailer sets Maroni up as Falcones true competitor.


Finally, our first look at Arkham City. Yes, apparently taking its cue from the second installment of the popular video game series, Gotham will not only feature Arkham Asylum, but a whole district of Gotham City named Arkham. But wait! The mayor (good to see Richard Kind in person) says that the asylum will be torn down as part of the district’s renovation. Even the least educated Batman fans can figure out that this won’t go as planned, and I suspect that Dr. Hugo Strange may have something to say about it.



We’ll see in the upcoming weeks whether Gotham can keep the quality up, but just going off this trailer, I’m really glad that Gotham City is fictional. Anyone who lives in a place like is either deluded or has a death wish, unless you’re Jim Gordon or Bruce Wayne. Then you’re just willing to fight a near-impossible battle.

SOURCE: Comic Book Resources