New DAREDEVIL Trailer and Poster Will Give You Chills

A teaser trailer for the second season of Daredevil released today, and it’s probably one of the better teaser trailers you’ll ever see. Like any other teaser, this won’t give you a look at new footage or reveal too much about the events of the series. What it will do, however, is make your flesh crawl with anticipation for what looks to be one of the grittier installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Don’t believe me? Take a look.

Matt Murdock is a devout Catholic, so the teaser feels fitting for the series. Between the dialogue snips and the teaser’s explosive ending, it feels as if the trailer is meant to focus a bit on the nature of Murdock’s internal struggles as both a hero and a man. You might also have noticed the faint outline of the Punisher’s skull logo behind the primary fresco at the end. The Punisher and Daredevil will come to blows this season over the best method of vigilante justice and, while Daredevil doesn’t really approve of shooting people in the face, everything about this trailer suggests that his beliefs are going to be challenged in a big way.

By the way, if you’re disappointed that we don’t get a closer look at that main fresco at the end, you’ve got nothing to worry about. It’s been turned into a poster image for you to gawk at and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Between two vigilantes duking it out, Murdock’s relationship with Elektra, and the dark tone that this teaser promises, the next season of Daredevil is bound to be an epic one. Marvel’s really been showing off their ability to take a grittier look at superheroes through their Netflix shows, and the results have been astounding thus far. No idea how they’re possibly going to pull that off for Iron Fist, but for now let’s just enjoy what’s directly in front of us.