Move over Hal, John Stewart’s got this!

A while back fans got Fast & Furious franchise star Tyrese Gibson interested in the as yet unannounced role of John Stewart within the DC Cinematic Universe. It stood to reason that Warner Bros. might be looking to bring a different Green Lantern to the big screen due to a certain previous box office failure.

John Stewart in the comics

Ever since then he’s been posting fan pics of himself in the iconic comic role but an interesting thing happened on Instagram that has since been removed. The actor posted: “The Oath – See you soon……..” and then deleted it from ther interwebs. Now if I was a betting man, that could mean his campaign for the role worked and if so kudos sir! Or it could be another leg of a man seeking casting, but right now it’s out there for all of us to discuss!

For me, I hope he got it, I think Tyrese has it within himself to portray a serious John Stewart who could be a striking counter point to the childish antics of say Shazam or The Flash.

But what say you my fellow fanboys and fangirls? Do you want to see Hal Jordan or would you rather get a fresh start with a new character?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Fan Art of Tyrese Gibson

SOURCE: Instagram