What happens when the monster you grew up loving happens to turn into motorized monsters from hell? Well you get a bad ass comic! Read on to find out more.

Transylvania, Kentucky is being overrun by Monster Motors! Vampire cars that suck gas from their victims! Lunar-powered werewolf vehicles that grow fangs and claws when the moon is full! Someone has to keep them all in check. Enter MINIVAN HELSING: four-wheeled monster-hunter.  It’s his job to hunt down the Monster Motors and bring them to justice.  His new target?  Genius Mechanic Vic Frankenstein and his Frankenride, a monstrous mac truck made from the parts of fallen cars and trucks!

STK663894Wow! This comic is just pure joy and a ton of fun. Essentially, this comic book is the most famous monsters are no longer monsters but bad ass vehicles. Now it’s not super clear how this happened but there is a curse. The story deals with Van Helsings daughter fighting the evil monstrous vehicles with her dad, who is now a minivan. I know that it sounds super crazy and odd but it is really something special. The characters are fun and have a really great look to them. It is a fresh take on these famous monsters, which is totally awesome.

Brian Lynch is a fantastic writer and does something special with this comic series. I am not sure where this originated from but he some great moments and knows how to have fun. The characters are cool, the story is fantastic, and idea is spot on.

Nick Roche has a interesting and pop-esqe style to the way that he drew this comic. There was not a dull moment to look at. It flowed so well and the colors popped.

Monster Motors: Curse of Minivan Helsing #1 is a fantastic start to a new story.

  • + Awesome actions scenes
  • + A great take on an old idea
  • + The art is amazing
  • + Worth every penny!

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