Mind MGMT #30 Review

Mind MGMT goes cosmic in this month’s revealing ERASER-centric issue!

The official description from Dark Horse:

Finally, the true history of the enigmatic Eraser is revealed—and her shocking past will ignite everything in the present. The final war is here!

* Nominated for two 2014 Harvey Awards!

* New York Times bestseller!

“Month after month, Matt Kindt breaks all pre-conceived notions of what comic books are.”—IGN

Mind MGMT 30 CoverThis issue will self-erase in five seconds!

Nah, you are fine. Keep the issue. Whatever you read is exactly what you need to believe…

Matt Kindt has done it yet again. This time for the 30th+ month in a row. His ability to add character depth in new and different ways is uncanny, not to mention adding ever-increasing value to issues you likely have long forgotten. To that end, you have to go back and read the series from the beginning! There are so many amazing hooks and plot points back in those early issues, it makes it seem like this series was all planned out from the beginning.

Oh wait. It was. That is the kind of book this is. Perfect.

Perfection comes at a cost though. And it appears that this very issue took its toll on Matt. Check out this tweet:

“29 monthly issues in and this was the first one that nearly broke me. So glad it’s done!”

Whether it was it the super meta cover made of eraser shavings, or the experimentation on new paper, pushing the envelope on delivering this issue was well worth it. All the hard work that goes into this series each month is greatly appreciated by loyal fans and new readers alike.

Mind MGMT 30 Preview 2

I know, at least for me, “Mind MGMT Day” stands as the entertainment highlight of the month. All the days in between are simply steps towards next month’s issue. What other form of entertainment offers a continual stream of original works of art, unfolding nearly real-time, as the creator puts ink to page (or in this case, eraser to page)?

Mind MGMT 30 Preview 3


Okay. Okay. I  realize I get all caught up in how amazing the book is each month, but never really talk about the individual issue…perfect for a spoiler free review, but less analytical than my peer reviewers – so let’s add a little analysis to this month’s review…

Mind MGMT 30 Preview 5

Much like Lyme’s glasses, the parallel scars on the Eraser’s left cheek have been a defining symbol for her character from the start of the series. Not only do they make her stand out in a crowd, they add an immediate level of depth and mystery to her personality.

Mind MGMT 30 Preview 6

And as I sit here pondering both her and Lyme in this “defining symbol” context, I realize that I have been unintentionally ignoring quite a few other strong parallels…And just as many points of intersection. Without looking back at past issues, I am conflicted as to whether we have seen them interact directly at all. Interestingly, as far as I can remember, it has been mostly-to-all via Meru. In fact, their individual relationships to Meru are quite similar in many ways.

Oh boy.

This is why I don’t spend any time writing analysis of Mind MGMT. It always leads me down paths I do not have time to complete within the constraints of a review.

Anyway, I assume that my partial analysis has given you some food for thought. It certainly has opened up my mind to previously hidden aspects of this, my favorite story of all time (now with more reasons!)…

So let me conclude with one last rousing statement:

Unfortunately for Julianne, scars can only fade – so the only means of erasure comes in the form of redefinition…

(Now, couldn’t the same thing be said about Lyme?!?)


  • + The Secret Backstory of the ERASER revealed!
  • + Mind MGMT may just be the perfect comic book!
  • + Matt Kindt's genius and ingenuity knows no bounds!
  • + New and Special page style/art for this amazing issue!

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