The METAL GEAR SOLID Movie Might Have A Director

For quite a while now, we’ve speculated about the possible existence of a Metal Gear Solid movie. Based off of the first 3D entry in the seminal spy series, Solid Snake (real name: David Doe) is essentially to video games what James Bond is to the movies.

Spider-Man megaproducer Avi Arad’s been talking about this one for a while, and while we have no other information as of yet, our friends at Indiewire have confirmed a possible choice to direct, and his name is Jordan Vogt-Roberts. He’s currently in talks with Sony, who will be distributing the film if it actually becomes a reality.

Definitely has the filmmaker look about him.

Definitely has the filmmaker look about him.

Mr. Vogt-Roberts, pictured above, is a very interesting potential choice because his only other directing credit is a highly acclaimed coming-of-age comedy called The Kings of Summer. However, the movie itself is very well done, and has a surprisingly emotional story, so perhaps they want his expertise in dealing with personal relationships rather than giant CGI explosions. This is not to say that CGI explosions aren’t awesome, but a healthy combination of character and explosions is what makes a blockbuster.

This also needs to be stated here: he has not been officially confirmed as director, just that he’s gone to Sony and is currently in talks for the position. We’ve seen an interesting trend of smaller scale directors being handed huge projects lately, most recently with Gareth Edwards of Monsters directing the newest Godzilla film, Colin Trevorrow of Safety Not Guaranteed directing the newest entry in the Jurassic Park franchise, and cult favorite James Gunn directing Guardians of the Galaxy. So it’s interesting to see how these people are being given their shot at the big leagues (and Edwards is rumored to be directing a Star Wars spinoff about Boba Fett because of his recent success). Hopefully, if Vogt-Roberts gets the job, he’ll make Metal Gear Solid the first truly great video game movie. We’re still waiting for that one film to truly take off, and fingers crossed that this is the one.

They're keeping me waiting, huh.

“They’re keeping me waiting, huh.”


Source: Indiewire