The STAR WARS EPISODE 7 Villain Nobody Wants Is The One We’ll Get

In our never ending speculation, we’ve delved deep and greedily into Star Wars lore, searching for the perfect Star Wars Episode 7 villain. While J. J. Abrams has granted us tiny clues and brief glimpses, we’re still not 100% sure who the New Trilogy’s baddie will be. I’d love Admiral Thrawn or the Yuhzon Vong to wage cinematic war against the New Republic, but that seems unlikely. Especially since much of the Star Wars mythology has been wiped from canon.

According to this new scoop, a classic Expanded Universe villain will return, and I’m totally bummed out.

Emperor Palpatine, the single most menacing Sith this side of Moraband, is in the New Trilogy. That’s right, the over-used, washed up, totally-should-have-died villain from the first 6 movies is back. In full transparency, this rumor isn’t exactly new. We’ve long heard that the venerable Senator from Naboo would return to the franchise. Although, to what extent, we’ve no idea.

I’d hate to see our new heroes, conflicted Stormtroopers and former Jedi, brawl against familiar villains. Been there, done that. Bashing on the Prequels is an all too trite affair, but those 3 movies provided us more than enough time with Uncle Palpy. No need for any more.

The new, mysterious, cyborg villain of Episode 7

The new, mysterious, cyborg villain of Episode 7

Give me a new villain. Someone mean. Someone lean. Artwork of a ferocious cyborg nemesis leaked onto the interwebs a few weeks ago and for the first time in a long, long time, I was excited. That villain represents a new start for the Star Wars mythos. The young heroes will wage war against a (hopefully) compelling, unique threat. If Palpatine were included, he should only serve as a relic. A holycron, perhaps. In a world bereft of any Dark Side masters, his teachings might be all that remain.

Episode 7’s antagonists are reportedly wannabe Siths who are hellbent on resurrecting an ancient Dark Jedi. Hopefully Palpatine’s not that guy. I don’t possess a broad enough library of onamonapia to emphasize my contempt for the notion, but perhaps BLEGH, GRRR, ARGH, and BARF will suffice. Even worse, some sites suggest that the cyborg villain I’ve referenced will, in fact, be a mechanically enhanced Emperor. To quote my buddy, Ben Kenobi, “Millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror.”

I absolutely adore J. J. Abramas as a film maker. Say what you will about his Star Trek flicks, but they’re some of the best Science Fiction movies of the past decade. March bravely into new and exciting worlds, Abrams. No need to rehash a dried up, safe-bet villain.

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Source: Screen Crush