My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic “Princess Spike” Review

It’s always a little sad for the episode that follows a 10 star story. “A Slice of Life” was truly an astounding adventure for longtime viewers and could go down as one of the most watched episodes of the entire show. This week brings the series back to normal with a simple premise. Interestingly, there wasn’t many promos or much hype. It kinda just appeared. While having some weak points, “Princess Spike” ends with a strong climax. Unfortunately, Spike fans might be disappointed with his portrayal for most of it.

Here’s the official description from Discovery Family:

When Spike is put in charge of making sure nothing disturbs princess Twilight, the power soon goes to his head and he begins making decisions in her name.


This episode at first represents a victory for Season 5. Spike has had very little to do thus far; so many were looking forward to seeing him as the central focus here. At first his portrayal was realistic. He was put in a tight spot and didn’t know what to do, and felt he had to act quickly. After that though is when things get a little fishy depending on how you look at it. Spike blatantly lies throughout most of the episode, instead of say seeking Princess Cadance’s help with things. He’s used to deliver the message that it’s wrong to take advantage of your friend because they hold a title. It’s a good message, though with Spike’s character in question.

The scene with ponies lining up to ask Twilight something was often laughable and makes the inhabitants of Equestria look rather unintelligent. A lot of it is unrealistic. While the middle starts to make Spike pretty jarring, the climax is very good. Spike delivers a fantastic speech that drives the message home. The scene with everypony helping to build the statue was quite heartwarming and inspiring. Besides Spike, another character whom hasn’t had much to do this season is Princess Cadence. Her role here was solid, as was Twilight’s in the end.


Overall, “Princes Spike” is an episode with an interesting beginning, a mediocre middle, and a fantastic climax. Spike has his first major role in the season, and unfortunately it’s lackluster. The message however is great. While nothing notable, new writer Neal Dusedau delivers not a bad adventure, though he won’t be winning anyone over with his portrayal of Spike.

  • +Great message
  • +Fantastic climax
  • -Spike's first major role in Season 5 was sad
  • -Inhabitants of Equestria are portrayed as rather incompetent