Jupiter’s Legacy #5 Review

Does this make up for the delay? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Meet BARNABAS WOLFE–a former supervillain with Sherlock Holmesian instincts who hunts heroes for the U.S. government. While Brandon and Uncle Walter struggle with their utopian vision for America, Chloe and family live under the radar in Australia. But their peaceful lives are about to explode when the authorities find suspicious super-activity Down Under, and send their #1 weapon to investigate. The generation gap is about to reach the next level as MILLAR and QUITELY bring their epic to a head!

Jupiter's Legacy 5_BIt finally came! Excuse me while I attempt to contain my glee but I can’t be the only fan out there with this title still still on their pull-list that never gave up hope on another issue materializing. We’ve all been waiting for the next chapter and sure it took time but the important thing is that the team has indeed delivered a quality outing. And just for good measure the dynamics line up as this comic ends book one the right way.

Let’s be clear if you’re not a fan of Mark Millar and his unique style of verbiage then this title is going to be a hard sell. But for my money the author, with each entry, has found a way to grow the universe of Jupiter’s Legacy without cheapening the primary players. What’s been at the heart of this epic has been nothing short of an striking family dynamic. They come forward with tragedy wrapped up in a cape, and it’s from their interactions that seriously messed up and compelling events have occurred, which have lead to the inclusion of a new threat.

Now if the written word is not enough then the intensely engrossing panels by Frank Quitely should do the trick. Every page is full of deliberate intent, with lines that understand their purpose courtesy of an illustrator that knows his way around a comic panel. I’m engrossed, whether it’s a conversation on the moon or a street fight, there’s no doubt that this talent makes every sequence worth a second or third look. Add in the colors by Peter Doherty and there’s no room for complaints.

Jupiter’s Legacy #5 soars to new heights. Sure it took time for it to arrive but trust me when I say it was worth the wait. And so this release comes highly recommended.

  • + Dynamic art.
  • + Memorable cast.
  • + Smart moving arc.
  • + It was worth the wait!

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