Watch The New Jim Gordon Run and Shoot Things

I rarely place faith in superhero tv shows. Besides Arrow, which everyone’s deemed a rare success, television’s caped do-gooders suffer from “not enough money for good special effects” syndrome. Hell, the producers and directors do what they can with what little they have. They create intricate plots that more greatly involve melodrama and dialogue than the traditional superhero problem solving method. You know, a quick Batarang to the face followed by a front flip kick. When they’re shelling out 24 hours of program over the course of an entire year, with a quarter of the budget of a proper superhero movie, some super badass moments gotta be cut.

Well, I’m actually kinda excited for DC’s latest tv endeavor, Gotham. It’s a show about a young Detective Jim Gordon. Just before the dawn of superheroes. His city is devolving into a violent poop show, and he’s tasked with repairing it. Hopefully the show’s a lot more like gritty crime dramas of years past than the “cute girl who is in no way a hacker shows an espionage agency what real friendship is about” bulls*** we’ve seen in Joss Whedon’s Agents of SHIELD. But let’s forget about that. I don’t want to rant and rave like I usually would.

Some cool internet sleuths hounded the show’s production team, and landed some of these super sweet set pics of Ben Mckenzie running on a rooftop and firing his gun.

jim gordon gotham tv show rooftop

jim gordon gotham tv show gun

jim gordon gotham tv show episode 1

jim gordon gotham tv show set pic

jim gordon gotham tv show