IRON MAN 3 Smashes International Box Office Records In Opening Weekend

It looks like Marvel Studios will be breaking out the champagne this weekend again. Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, the latest in Marvel’s box-office behemoth, the Cinematic Universe, opened in most parts of the world this weekend (oddly enough, not including the country it was actually made in), and the international box office figures for its opening weekend. Hint (and of course, this hasn’t been spoiled in large bold writing above), they’re rather good.

The threequel earned an enormous international total from 42 markets of $195.3M – easily beating The Avengers‘ total of $185.1 million, breaking opening weekend records in Argentina, HK, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. That’s some whopping figures, and considering the movie’s tracking for a $160M for a domestic weekend next week, it looks pretty inevitable that Iron Man 3 will join its cousin The Avengers in the $1 billion club.

Iron Man 3 is out in most international markets (most notably the UK), and will open in America on Friday.