Holy Crossover Spectacular!

March next year will see comedy superhero The Tick reach his 100th issue with New England Comics, and to celebrate the occasion he will have a special guest, none other than Image comics Invincible and his girlfriend Atom Eve!

In a full-length 24-page epic crossover, Invincible is transported to The Tick’s universe where the two mighty heroes confront the combined threat of the master criminal Chairface Chippendale and a mysterious and menacing new villain who makes even Chairface look like an ordinary umbrella stand!

The special 100th issue will also feature a 20-page recap of the Tick’s superhero career, and is a great jumping on point for new readers.

Robert Kirkman’s Invincible is no stranger to comic company crossovers having previously teamed up with non other than Marvel’s Spider-Man in an issue of Marvel Team Up #14 (which was written by Kirkman at the time).

The Tick #100 will be released on March 28.