HANNIBAL “Savoureux” Review

Remember that red wedding everyone is talking about, the real red wedding happened in “Savoureux” the thirteenth and final episode of this era of Dr. Lector’s adventures. In other words congratulations Hannibal, this is one of the most beautiful seasons of television ever created. You may think I am simply overreacting in this review, but television does not get better crafted than this. In my head thoughts of this year or, exactly would conclude the last moments sparked all around my head. The combination of events here, are among a few I could never have guessed. They are also the best choices that the show could have made. This episode was so lush that it needed a magnifying glass to properly enjoy. 

In many ways this spectacle is reminiscent of Dexter, which had a great first thirteen episodes that could have ended a series. This arc feels like a work in progress, there was no parade of wonder celebrating the characters and mythology of the surroundings. Instead there was a looming sense of darkness permeating every single scene in the episode, that boiled to a crescendo exploding into the status quota. Huge changes were made here to the relationships of the show. If they were not, there would have been a redundancy in themes here. Next series we are no doubt going to explore Lector more deeply, doing so under this exact set of circumstance will make this a riveting piece of television.

Will Graham is not a traditional character on a television show. He is the protagonist yet he is also the driver to Hannibal’s motivation. We see Lector through Graham’s eyes whether the viewer can realize this or not. It is so utterly fascinating to observe a character go through such a low point due to mental illness. The exploitation of what exactly happened to Will should make the title character of this piece satan. Still many are rooting for the good doctor. Perhaps the reason is due to the character being funny, smart, and alluring. Upon further examination these 45 minutes even laid down motivation for the earlier episodes in the season. There was a plan executed her, as well as steps that were laid down throughout this first season. Which started and stopped with the death of the Hobbes, a family troubled by a circle of murder. When the lies were cleared out it was simply too late for everyone, tears were shed and blood was spattered underneath fingernails.

I am not so sure I know who you are anymore. You were curious about what I would do, someone like me. Just wind them up, and watch them go

These words were spoken in hushed tones by the protagonist of the story, realizing he was in some deep shit! There was no magical pass to run away, this story had some true consequence. This is simply the darkest show on modern television, it also may be the best. Get primed and ready for season two, because it will be one hell of a ride. I look forward to seeing you sometime next year Dr. Lector!