HANNIBAL “Releves” Review

Since last week Hannibal has been improving it’s game as a television show. The stakes have never been higher, and the floor is wide open to swift change. This show is still so fresh and filled with ideas that have incredible potential. The themes here are also in a drastic state of change. Core relationships of this show are being twisted into something dark and horrible. This premise has been limited from the onset and contorting them is the best way to lead towards something interesting. Nothing major has happened on the show quite yet, but the viewer gets the horrible feeling that the shit is about to hit the fan in almost every scene of this episode. Who knows how long this state of constant flux in the show will last? If next week’s finale can deliver on everything that came before it, this will be a show that has broken some new ground. Character based serial killing has never been explored on television too this degree of nuance or insight.

Will continues to be a living zombie in this episode. His eccentric mannerisms have been dialed up to the highest degree here. The character is also rapidly losing large amounts of time. The only man who can diagnose him is manipulating the background of the show. The support grouped established a few scenes into this episode was quickly shattered, in fact a false diagnoses was even given. The most violent moments in this show are depicted in such a surreal manner that viewers have a hard differentiating what is real. Amongst all of the chaos featured in the the 43 minutes, there were some huge revelations with the main characters. The mystery of the moose has seemingly been answered. Viewers would do themselves a favor by giving this episode a second examination. Specific attention should be attributed towards the penultimate scene which answers some lingering questions.

It started with chicken soup and ended with a murder, of course the good Dr. Lector is the man in question here. He has been pulling the strings of the show for sometime now, sitting in his office drinking tea in-between murders. It’s the little things that can get under your skin while absorbing this show. The best part of the hour happened at the very last scene because Hannibal is so filled with mystery, that any deeper look into his psyche is utterly fascinating. It’s funny to think about how much of the character we view each week, and how little we have truly learned about him. In the scene in question, the audience is given some of the answers they so desperately seek. The way that this mean can sneak through his surroundings is terrifying. He should be in a state of complete paranoia due to the happenings with Mr. Crawford, yet he casually continues to murder, manipulate, and even kill.

If this show can nail the finale it will be one of the greatest things on television. A character based drama such as this one should be universally acclaimed amongst all critics and fans alike. Be a good television viewer and consume this beautifully constructed program.