Han Solo Has New Duds And A New Ride For STAR WARS EPISODE VII!

News about Star Wars Episode VII has blown up recently, from new stormtrooper designs to who the main villains might be. Well, the fun doesn’t stop there. Moving away from the antagonistic side of that galaxy, far, far away, Indie Revolver, who has been killing it with their Star Wars scoops, has some new information on one of our favorite heroes of all time: Han Solo. While I’m hoping the aged smuggler will still be rocking the vest three decades later, he’ll at least be wearing some climate appropriate attire throughout the film.



The first coat is reminiscent to the one he wore on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. Combined with the snowtrooper redesign, this makes that rumor that we’ll be seeing an ice planet in Episode VII more likely, although whether it’s Hoth, Rhen Var or a new locale is unknown. As for the trench coat, that looks like it’s for a warmer climate. Perhaps he’ll be traversinga jungle or forest planet? After all, he wore a similar coat on Endor. However, the clothes aren’t the best news.

Look closely at Han’s chest in the first picture. Those look like Imperial rank markers on his left side, don’t they? Well, with his new clothes come added benefits. According to Badass Digest, Han and Chewbacca will be piloting a Super Star Destroyer in the movie…I’ll give you a moment for that to soak in. WOW! While it’s possible that Han and Chewie were somehow able to steal one of these juggernauts (I would love to hear that story), it’s likelier that the Rebellion/New Republic seized the Imperial Navy’s ships, sand Han has simply been put in command…and the best part is, he probably hates it! Knowing Han, he’s probably bored out of his mind commanding a ship that huge and is eager to back into action to relive the glory days. If the plot rumors we’ve heard are true, it sounds like he’ll get that chance when the younger character recruit him to help look for Luke.


As for who’s piloting the Millennium Falcon these days, BD says that Oscar Isaac’s character, who is apparently the Lando Calrissian of the film, is flying the old girl. There will also be new variations on the TIE Fighters, and Han will get to use a lightsaber again at some point. Perhaps he’ll be cutting into the traditional Thanksgiving tauntaun?

SOURCE: Indie Revolver and Badass Digest